CHM Marine

Independent Marine Surveyors offering a wide range of professional marine and cargo surveying services

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CHM Loss Adjusting

Partnering with leading insurance companies and industry leaders for quick resolutions

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CHM Offshore

Marine Assurance, Marine Warranty Surveys and a vast array of niche services.

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CHM DRI Specialist

Ministry-approved team specializing in supervising DRI & HBI cargo loading and Super Cargo

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CHM Workboats

A wide array of workboats, survey boats and passenger ferries to meet customer’s marine needs.

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CHM Ship Management

Streamlined and effective systems to manage marine assets and professional manpower

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CHM LNG / Gas Experts / Chemists

Issuing authority for Gas Free Condition Certificates, LNG Vessel Technical Superintendent.

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CHM Yacht Practices and Valuations

Condition surveys, pre-purchase surveys, yacht repairs and customizations.

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CHM Subsea Surveys

Seabedand vessel and platform surveys ensuring the safety and integrity of underwater infrastructure.

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CHM Containers

Secure and convenient location to store your containers, repairs of damaged containers.

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CHM Ports and Terminals

Comprehensive range of services to ports and terminals.

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CHM Lifting Gear

Specialized experts to perform comprehensive inspections and testing of all kinds of lifting gears.

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Ship Brokering

Connecting clients with trusted industry professionals, providing valuable market insights and negotiation expertise.

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Environment Survey

Comprehensive assessments conducted to evaluate and mitigate environmental impacts.

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Claim Recoveries

Leveraging our expertise to maximize financial recovery and minimize disruptions.

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IMDG Experts

Ensuring compliance and safety in the transportation of hazardous goods with our specialized expertise.

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Maritime International Legal Consultants

Providing expert legal counsel and guidance to navigate complex maritime laws and regulations, safeguarding your business interests

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Streamlined and professional services for the smooth execution of ship sales and purchases

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