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We have been helping owners and insurers to quickly operationalize Yachts following an incident. This is managed and coordinated by our team of highly qualified claims managers and surveyors with tremendous expertise and experience in marine insurance and super yacht operations. One of our areas of excellence is in delivering the Full Condition Survey, Pre-Purchase Survey and Appraisal Survey. Furthermore, we provide services for maintaining your boat as it is essential to ensure that it stays seaworthy, safe, and looking good. Boats are constantly exposed to the corrosive effects of saltwater, marine organisms, and UV rays, all of which can cause damage to the boat’s finish, structural integrity, and performance. Regular maintenance can go a long way in protecting your boat from these elements and can help extend the life of your vessel while keeping it looking its best.

CHM Global is an independent marine valuer with a well-established client base for marine valuations & financial appraisals on a range of yachts and vessels. Our valuation methodology is based on the International Valuations Standard Council (IVSC) and includes an assessment of the vessel’s overall condition along with a detailed comparative analysis of the same or similar vessels listed in the sales and purchase market. Depreciation and operational costs assessments are included in the valuation and a forced sale value estimation can be provided on request.

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