CHM Loss Adjustment

Loss Adjusting in the marine insurance industry involves the on-site assessment of marine-related damage, which may include circumstance investigations with extra diligence. From damaged goods in containers and vessels to complex liability claims, we at CHM Global offer top-quality services in the marine insurance sector.

CHM Global always has the in-house expertise to establish the cause, extent, and circumstances of damage, and seek out tactical and technical evidence that can provide undeniable clarity of the incident from minor damages to major catastrophic events. When it comes to marine damage, understanding and knowledge of conditions and getting all the facts are crucial.

Our team of marine specialists make sure that all these aspects are covered with highly trained experts, modern tools, and a global network.

  • Cargo Claims

  • Dispute Resolutions

  • Incident Investigations

  • Loss Adjusting

  • Marine Warranty Surveys

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