CHM Subsea Surveys

Our team of experts is skilled in performing comprehensive diving surveys and can provide the necessary support to help you maintain your underwater assets and underwater parts of vessels. Diving surveys are specialized inspections that are conducted in underwater environments. These surveys are typically performed remotely on an underwater object or region and involve a thorough examination of the area to check the condition of the hull and undergrowth. Diving surveys are designed to identify any defects that may be present in the underwater structure, be it a vessel or fixed structure. It can also include minor defect rectification where necessary. By conducting regular diving surveys, you can help ensure the safety and integrity of your underwater infrastructure and keep it in optimal condition for continued use.

We have also acquired a combination of high resolution multibeam and side scan sonar data, shallow seismic and magnetometer data to provide a tailored dataset to meet the project requirements and understand the condition and makeup of sea bed to make better decisions on installation, decommissioning, dredging and conservation plans. Combined together, Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) and Long Baseline (LBL) equipment provides high-accuracy solutions for underwater positioning.

  • Diving Services

  • Seabed Analysis

  • Single Beam Math Matichs survey

  • Multi Beam Math Matichs Survey

  • Underwater Hull Cleaning

  • Underwater Hull Survey

  • Underwater Hull Repair / Welding

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