CHM Lifting gear

Our company specializes in providing top-quality inspection and testing services for lifting and rigging gear. We offer both on-site and workshop-based inspection services, ensuring that your equipment can be inspected with minimum disruption to your daily operations. Our team is composed of highly trained inspection technicians who are LEEA-certified and equipped with the latest tools and equipment to perform comprehensive inspections and testing.

We offer a variety of inspection services, including on-site inspections and proof load testing of lifting equipment, as well as certifications such as Type Tests, Factory Tests, Initial Tests, Break Tests, Periodic Tests, and Load Tests. By working with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is thoroughly inspected and certified to meet the necessary safety standards.

  • Crane / Wire Inspection

  • Lifting Equipment’s

  • Heavy Equipment’s

  • Lifting Accessories

  • Elevator & Escalators

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