Environment Survey

  • Offers comprehensive marine environmental services that combine consultancy, ecological surveys, and laboratory testing.

  • Services focus on coastal, marine, and estuarine environments, supporting infrastructure planning, consenting, development, environmental protection, and resource management.

  • Integration of services within CHM Global enables cost savings throughout the project.

  • Actively cooperates with other stakeholders to ensure a positive project lifecycle experience for all parties involved.

  • Strives for excellence and continuously improves its services through innovation, incorporating new technological advances and challenging processes and ideas.

  • Dedicated specialists and ongoing research programs to manage challenging projects and provide expert advice.

  • Team possesses in-depth knowledge of diverse market sectors, including renewable energy, oil and gas, aggregates, ports and harbours, cables and pipelines, leisure, the public sector, and water industries.

  • Services integrate consultancy, surveys, and laboratory testing to provide a comprehensive approach.

  • Support clients in various aspects of project planning, consent, and development in marine environments.

  • Prioritize environmental protection and resource management while collaborating with stakeholders to ensure successful project outcomes.

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