CHM DRI Specialist

We at CHM Global have the in-house capabilities and agreements in place with highly qualified and experienced individuals that cover the technical support, prompt remedial actions and risk mitigation for efficient operations. All DRI/HBI cargoes are hazardous and we have handled shipments in past at the Qatar Steel facility and have been approved by all governing bodies as specialists for DRI/HBI handling.

We have a reputation for efficiency, flexibility and deliverability and we do all the required jobs like loading supervisions-quality inspections, supervisions to safe storage, handling and loading of DRI, Super Cargo attendance during the voyage of DRI/HBI shipments in full accordance with IMO regulations, issuance of Fitness Certificate, Draft Survey, monitoring of cargo loading and witnessing chemical composition. We are also equipped with ultrasonic hatch testing kits, K-connector thermometer, UV Thermometer, H2 gas meter, multi-gas meter and all the needed general tools.

  • DRI Cargo Hold Condition Survey

  • Hatch Sealing / Un-sealing – DRI

  • Stockpile Survey

  • Super Cargo

  • Thermocouple

  • Visual/Optical Testing (VT)

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