Offshore Survey

Offshore surveys are essential for exploring and utilizing marine environments, supporting industries such as oil and gas, renewable energy, telecommunications, and marine construction. These surveys gather critical data about the seabed, sub-seafloor, and water column, ensuring safe and efficient operations, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance. At CHM Global, we provide comprehensive offshore survey services, leveraging advanced technologies and expertise to deliver precise and reliable data, enabling our clients to meet their operational goals while adhering to environmental and regulatory standards.

Offshore activities span various sectors, including oil and gas exploration and production, renewable energy generation, shipping, telecommunications, and scientific research. These activities involve deploying offshore platforms, drilling rigs, wind turbines, and subsea pipelines, among other infrastructure. Scientific research conducted in offshore areas contributes to our understanding of marine ecosystems, climate change, and geological formations, while underwater resource extraction and telecommunications infrastructure support global connectivity and resource availability.

Specialized offshore marine surveyors play a crucial role in these activities, conducting inspections, surveys, and assessments to ensure safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Their work includes seabed and subsurface mapping, environmental impact assessments, geophysical and geotechnical surveys, and site investigations for renewable energy projects. By ensuring compliance with regulations and standards, providing expertise, and preparing detailed reports, offshore marine surveyors support the successful navigation, construction, and resource exploration in the offshore industry.

Marine warranty surveys are essential for the safe and successful transportation of offshore assets such as drilling rigs, platforms, and other large structures. Conducted by experienced and qualified surveyors, these surveys ensure that all aspects of the transportation plan adhere to industry standards, regulations, and contractual agreements. The survey process includes evaluating the asset’s readiness for transit, monitoring the loading, securing, and offloading processes, and meticulously examining every detail to mitigate risks and safeguard against potential hazards. This comprehensive quality assurance measure instills confidence in stakeholders, ensuring that transportation operations are executed with the utmost safety, reliability, and compliance.

Float-on operations involve loading heavy cargo or structures, such as offshore drilling rigs or large modules, onto specialized vessels capable of submerging their decks partially or fully to float the cargo onto them. These operations are crucial in the offshore industry for transporting oversized or heavy equipment from onshore fabrication yards to offshore locations. Additionally, dynamic positioning (DP) trials and audits are conducted to test and verify the performance of DP systems used on ships, offshore platforms, drilling rigs, and other vessels requiring precise positioning without anchors. These trials ensure the system’s reliability and accuracy under various environmental conditions, playing a critical role in the safe and reliable operation of vessels and offshore installations.

Our company also offers a range of other surveys and inspections, including OVID inspections, suitability surveys, on-off hire condition surveys, flag state inspections, and ISM/ISPS/MLC internal audits. We are engaged in various dynamic positioning scopes, such as DP FMEA trials, audits, DP gap analysis and engineering, DP incident investigation, marine assurance, and DP FMEA study and review. These services collectively ensure the safety, efficiency, and compliance of offshore operations, contributing to the successful execution of marine projects.

  • Vessel Safety Survey

  • Rig Dry & Wet-Towage

  • Marine Warranty Survey

  • FMEA Studies

  • eCMID

  • Marine Advisor

  • Vessel Machinery Specialist

  • Company Site Representative

  • Suitability Surveys

  • DP Annual Surveys

  • Barge Functioning Inspection

  • DP Assurance Survey

  • Tow Master

  • Rig Move Master

  • PTA Analysis

  • OVID

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